Meet the designer

Tending to satisfy the constant need of a woman to express herself through fashion, Mirjan Wolf is creating clothes which are not just simple and elegant, but also highly recognizable in the fashion world.

Mirjan Wolf is a fashion designer devoted to a woman, giving her exactly what she requires - the beauty in the unexpected and the luxury that exists in the everyday life. Believing that each lady is unique in her own way, Mirjan creates high-class elegance, which provides comfort at the same time. The ideal of a modern, strong and independent woman, Mirjan Wolf converts into fashionable clothes, made of the finest fabric. Every new collection is a process, which begins with the idea of making clothes that perfectly fit the woman's body. The center of creativity is a dream about beauty and elegance every day, at any place. Mirjan Wolf insists on creating models that enable expressing one’s individuality, accentuate femininity and provide strength for modern women to face every challenge fearlessly.
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